8:00-9:00 Registration
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9:00-9:15 Welcome Remarks

Conference Co-Chairs:
Cam Davis, PhD, CMRP, FMRIA, Social Data Research and
Sandy Janzen, MRIA Past President

9:15-10:00 Future Trends in the Industry

Keynote: Jeffrey Henning, President, Researchscape International, Boston

The Transformation of Market Research: Where to next?

10:00-10:30 Mobility Research Best Practices

Mark Michelson, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Mobile Marketing Research Association, Atlanta

Best Practices and Trends for Mobility Research

The use of Mobile devices for marketing research data collection has exploded over the past few years. MMRA includes many mobile research leaders including General Mills, T-Mobile, uSamp, Vision Critical, Confirmit, 20|20 Research and more who are busy transforming the way marketing research is done. There many options and uses for mobile research: qualitative and quantitative, passive and active engagement, as well as new terminology such as geo-fencing and responsive design. But do you really know what to do with mobile to maximize the value of research for your company or client? Join Mark Michelson, Executive Director of the Mobile Marketing Research Association as he reviews latest trends and best practices for mobile research to help you take advantage of the newest channel for data collection and harness the power of mobile.

10:30-11:00 Social Networking Break

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11:00-11:30 Analytics is the Future

Chris Long, SAS, Customer Intelligence Solutions

Analytics is the Future: Some SASsy applications!

Chris will be talking about text analytics, social media and predictive analytics as well as contextual analysis. He will refer to best practices and case examples.

11:30-12:00 Behavioural Economics

Annie Pettit, PhD, Vice President, Research Standards at Research Now, Toronto

Behavioural Economics: New or Just New to You?

If you’re looking for another buzzword to fill your bingo card, behavioural economics just might be it. Market researchers are slowly discovering that human behaviour may not always be rational and questions like “Why do you like this product” may not be the best way to discover insights. In this presentation, we’ll review some ground-breaking studies that every market researcher should know about, studies that demonstrate just how important the concept of irrational thinking is.

12:00-1:10 Buffet Lunch!

Student speakers!
Vincent Cuevas, Research Analyst Postgraduate Program
Samantha Gelinas,
Research Analyst Postgraduate Program
Melissa Zazulak,
Research Analyst Postgraduate Program

1:30-2:15 Online Communities

Keynote: Tom de Ruyck, Head of Research Communities, Insites, Belgium

Consumer Consulting Boards (MROCs):
Integrating the Voice-of-the-Customer across the Entire Enterprise

Online communities have become part of the established research toolbox. Tom will talk about ‘structural collaboration’, which means integrating the voice-of-the-customer in all decision making flows of your company. In most companies, customers are only allowed to give feedback at the end of the process through traditional market research… This has to change if you want to win today and tomorrow as a business! Best practices for running communities and case studies from global brands will be shared in this speech based on the book ‘The Consumer Consulting Board’ that Tom has been given all around the globe.

2:15-3:00 2 Case Studies of Innovation:
World Wide Data Collection

Eric Meerkamper, President, RIWI, Toronto

Grant Miller, VP Innovation and Partner Solutions

World Wide Data Survey Data Collection

Eric Meerkamper and Grant Miller will introduce RDIT (Random Domain Intercept Technology), an entirely new way to collect data on the web. RDIT introduces the element of randomness into online market research. They will cover the methodology behind RDIT, and its implications for Canadian Market Researchers in an increasingly global marketplace.

Case studies will be presented that demonstrate RDIT's ability to map, measure and pose questions to the internet audience in every country in the world. Highlights and insights of conducting a 61-country, 24-language study on attitudes toward Open Government for the World Bank will be presented.

Rudy Nadilo, President, Dapresy, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Visualization of Big Data

Market researchers must find the right way to communicate data. Dashboards, scorecards and infographics provide relevant data in context, making it actionable and meaningful. The failure is often not the research but how it is used, analysed and presented. The results of the GRIT Consumers Participation in Research Report will also be highlighted as a case example on how to demonstrate data.

3:00-3:30 Social Networking Break

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3:30-3:50 Ethnography

Caroline Fletcher, Research Director, Sound Research, Toronto

Self Ethnography-From Push to Pull

In recent years, the research industry has been asking the question: how can we make something that is essentially undesirable (i.e. research) a little more bearable? The Sound Research is showing that far from sugarcoating a bitter pill, self-ethnography using film and mobile tools can understand lives, journeys, behaviours and emotions in entirely new ways.

We know that in reality people don’t always know how they behave. Research pre-tasks can end up in a drawer, getting dug out on the day of the group, the respondent trying to remember what they were doing last Wednesday. Allowing people to become active participants in the process delivers insights far more powerful, with much greater meaning. We'll bring all of this to life through case studies

3:50-4:10 IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Frank Graves, Owner and President, EKOS Research, Ottawa

Anne Crassweller, President, NADbank Inc., Toronto

IVR: Faster, Cheaper and More Robust

EKOS Research Associates has developed a protocol referred to as High Definition (HD) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to sample Canadians off-line via landlines and mobile phones, they worked with NADbank to explore samples recruited via their HD-IVR, traditional CATI method (using LLA and CPO phone numbers), the EKOS Probit online panel and two other opt-in online panels. The technique holds promise as a sample recruiting and calibration tool.

4:10-4:30 MR Trends Affecting the Industry
and New Skills Sets

Bernie Malinoff, CMRP, President, Element54, Montreal

"Fad or Foible"

MR Trends Affecting the Industry, and Skill Set Needs To Delight Your Client

Researchers are inundated with emerging technologies – Biometrics, Neuroscience, Nano-surveys, Social Media and others. This final session of the afternoon will provide an objective overview of these and others that are ‘in play’, and with industry thought-leader insights, gauge which ones seem to have marketplace traction and momentum. And then, we need to decide what we, as professionals, are capable of not just doing, but delighting our clients with.

4:30-5:00 Panel discussion

Moderated by Susan Abbott, CMRP, Abbott Research & Consulting

Presenters are asked for their points of views on other presenters content.

5:00-7:00 Meet the presenters and network!
Bar and nibbles